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Our Diverse Learning Program

Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

The Diverse Learning Department at Temple Christian College primarily works with those students at the extremities of the learning spectrum; those requiring additional support and those needing extensions. We acknowledge that students do not all have the same needs when it comes to learning and therefore in any given class, the abilities of students as learners will vary from student to student. We have a passion to work with students, teachers & parents to promote the inclusion of all students in school activities, both in and out the classroom.

The Diverse Learning Department consists of teachers and educational support officers, and works closely with school leadership to support students’ academic and social endeavours.

Support Opportunities

Educational Support Officers
Wherever possible our aim is to support student learning in the classroom. Educational Support Officers (ESOs) have a weekly schedule to provide in-class support under the direction of the classroom teacher. On occasions this might be individual support and at other times, it will be in small groups. Although the ESOs are allocated to classes according to particular student needs in a class, they will also share their time with others in the class.

In addition to providing in class support, we also support teachers to differentiate set tasks to meet the needs of the students in their class – this may involve modifications and/or adjustments to ensure the curriculum and tasks can be accessed by all students.

Streamed Classes
In Years 8, 9 &10 English, Mathematics and Science classes are streamed to assist teachers to deliver a more targeted curriculum to best meet the learning needs of students. Advanced classes allow students to be extended and in some cases there are smaller classes to allow extra support for students requiring additional help.

Study Hub
Study Hub is held after school in the Learning Hub (Library) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:10pm until 4:00pm. Students are able to come to Study Hub to receive assistance with their homework and assignments from a range of teachers and Educational Support Officers. 

Individual Learning
Identified students will have Individual Learning plans written in consultation with students, teachers, parents & specialists. These plans are reviewed and updated as necessary, and made available to all the students’ classroom teachers.



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