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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

Our vision ‘Pursuing Excellence for the Glory of God’ has remained unchanged since 1983, as the core driver in our mission of developing our students in Character, Service and Influence. Strengthened from a circle of values that encapsulates: Community, Integrity, Resilience, Creativity, Learning and Empathy, Temple Christian College seeks to create the opportunity for students to experience life in an authentic Christian community.

Our Vision

Pursuing Excellence for the Glory of God.

Our Mission

It is our desire that we empower students to grow in Christian character, Christian service and to be a Christ-like influence in the school community as well as the wider community.

At Temple, we believe that Christian character is developed through growing in our relationship with God which helps us to grow to be more like Christ in our personal character. Out of this growth in character we develop a heart for His service and seek out opportunities whereby we can develop our personal desire to serve.

We believe that we have all been called to have a Godly influence within the school and wider community and we are passionate about our students growing into Godly leaders that will continue to have a marked impact in our society well beyond their school life.

Our Values

At Temple Christian College we place faith at the centre of all that we do. With a faith that is centred on Christ as our Lord and Saviour, our community is built on a circular culture that values Community, Integrity, Resilience, Creativity, Learning and Empathy.

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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