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Our Facilities

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

Located in the metropolitan area of Adelaide (3km from the City Centre), the Mile End Campus is a well-developed and resourced facility incorporating the iconic ‘Thomas Hardy & Sons building’ situated on James Congdon Drive. Easily accessible by both public and private transport, the Mile End Campus offers schooling to students and families living across Adelaide. With a passion to support all subject areas with the latest in equipment and technology, Temple Christian College is driven with the desire that all families can bring their child to school with the confidence that their personal strengths will be supported.

In addition to all of the traditional school facilities, the Mile End Campus (as a city based school) offers students access to a host of external facilities which further enhance their practical learning.

Exciting Building Works 

The opening of our NEW Art, Design Food & Textiles Building late 2023 has significantly expanded our specialist teaching areas. This milestone enabling the commencement of our next three major projects. These include the installation of a roof over the basketball court to create a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA), the refit of the existing Food and Textiles rooms to expand the Tech Centre to interconnect the Design and Technologies with Digital Technologies learning spaces and then a refurb of the current art rooms into three general learning classrooms. Our sincere appreciation to the Temple Christian College Community for your patience and support as we improve our facilities.

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Supportive Services

The school year is facilitated by a host of staff and volunteers who together coordinate the major support areas required to provide students and their families with the information and assistance needed throughout their journey here at Temple Christian College. Detailed below is the key information regarding these areas.

Administration Office - Operating 8.00am to 4.00pm

Accessed via James Congdon Drive, the Campus Administration building is home to the Principal, Administration, Marketing, Reception and Registrar’s Offices and operates each school day and as advised during school holidays. Parents meeting with the Principal or other teaching staff may be directed to enter via the Administration Office. A voice mail system is in operation for contact outside of office hours.

Student Services Office - Operating 8.15am to 4.00pm

The Mile End Student Services Office is the main hub of the school and is accessed via the Henley Beach Road Entry. It is home to the Assistant  Principal Student Development & Wellbeing, the Student Services Manager and a number of staff who offer specific services which directly relate to daily student welfare, including: Student Mentors, Counsellor, Social Worder, First Aid Facilities and Book Room. The Student Services Office, commonly referred to as the SSO is the first contact point for all parents in relation to student matters.

Book Room - Operating 8.30am to 3.00pm

Located within the Student Service Office, the Mile End Book Room is open each day between 8.30am and 3.00pm during school terms. This office oversees a number of student related services including booklists, textbook hire, daily stationary needs, student lockers, student ID cards, bus passes and the collection of money for events. EFT transactions are permissible for amounts over $10.


The Mile End Canteen operates daily during school terms offering recess and lunchtime options to students and staff and is operated by the Canteen Manager assisted by volunteers. In addition, the canteen also offers a FREE toast breakfast every morning to assist those students who arrive early. Students will be advised via their student ntoices if this breakfast service is unavaibale due to other special events. Temple Christian College promotes a healthy eating menu and offers EFT payment options. The Canteen greatly welcomes volunteers.

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Uniform Shop

The Mile End Uniform Shop operates under the direction of the Uniform Shop Manager and is open to students and parents as per the days and times advertised. All listed uniform items are available for purchase. Appointment for personal fittings can be made via the Uniform Manager.


At Temple, we are fortunate to have access to a fantastic gym! Students will have access to the gym throughout various units within Physical Education and Integrated Learning classes, as well as having the opportunity to use the facilities during lunch periods. Refreshed early 2023 with a number of brand new Keiser bikes, with access to digital Spin classes and live information to determine the level of power output at any moment in time. The gym also has multiple rack systems, ideal for performing exercises such as squats, bench press and chin ups.

The Student Learning Hub - Operating 8am to 3pm

The Mile End Student Learning Hub (completed mid-2017), located adjacent to the Administration Office is managed by the School Librarian and Library Assistants and incorporates the Library, Student Resources and the Year 12 Study Area. Operating between 8am to 3pm Monday to Fridays, students have access to services (photocopying, laminating & binding), printed material (books, magazines, periodicals) and other resources (CD’s, sports & electronic equipment).

Year 12 Study Area @ The Student Learning Hub

The Year 12 Study Room has been developed for the exclusive use of Year 12 students during their study period. Also open at recess and lunchtime, we consider this area to a privilege and not a right and we therefore expect that Year 12 students will be responsible for ensuring that the area remains clean and clear of rubbish and food scraps. Food and drinks are permitted in the Year 12 Room and a fridge, microwave, toaster, sandwich press and hot water are provided for their use while they are in the space.

It is the student’s responsibility to use the iPads at Circulation to sign in when they arrive for Study lessons and to sign out when they leave: attendance is determined by this and failure to do so may be seen as truancy with the subsequent penalties in place. Year 12 students are able to use the SLH during class time if they have a signed note from their Subject Teacher but will not be allowed in to the Year 12 Study Room. Student Learning Hub rules must be observed.

The Loft – Homework Centre - Operating Thursday 3.15pm to 4.00pm

The Loft is an area located in the upper level of the School building and is designed as a non-formal, quiet space whereby students and support teachers can congregate throughout the day as needed. The Loft is also home to the Homework Centre that operates one afternoon each week, as advertised via the Newsletter. Teachers are available to assist students with their school work.

Homework - Our heart at Temple is to help see your child succeed, both in their schooling and in life.

One of the ways of achieving success at school is by helping them make good choices in relation to their homework. Homework is another learning opportunity, which not only helps to improve thinking and memory but also helps students; develop positive study skills and habits, learn to work independently, learn effective time management skills, learn to take responsibility for what is needed to be done, amongst many other things

School  Groups, Clubs & Activities Schedule

Students from across all year levels are invited to participate in a number of scheduled clubs and activities that take place before school, recess, lunch and afterschool.

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Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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  • Phone: (08) 8405 0900
  • Email: mileend@tcc.sa.edu.au
  • Student Services Office Phone: (08) 8405 0911
  • School Attendance Notification Text ONLY: 0429 371 508