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Our Year 7 Program

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

With its well developed and highly effective transitional program, Year 7 at Temple Christian College has been preparing students for their high school journey, for over 10 years. Passionate about nurturing each student to grow into their God gifted abilities, the year 7 program takes a holistic approach across all aspects of a student’s developmental needs.

Equally focused on their academic, physical, spiritual and relational wellbeing, our program embraces and encourages year 7 students to become active contributors within the life of the school and feel a very real sense of belonging as they become a vital part of the wider community.

In addition to taking advantage of specialist facilities and resources, students commencing Year 7 at Temple Christian College display a strong tendency to begin their Year 8 journey with greater confidence and focus. With a strong and stable broad based selection of compulsory core subjects on offer, students build a foundation of knowledge that helps them to streamline their elective selections for their senior years.

Year 7 Core Subjects include: Maths, Science, English, Geography, History, Tech Studies, Home Economics, Physical Education, Art Craft & Design, Music, a language and Christian Living

Year 7 life in an authentic Christian community

As an active Christian community, life at Temple Christian College for Year 7 students is rich in opportunities for them to grow and develop in their personal faith. From Christian Living classes, morning devotions, weekly praise and worship assemblies, students are encouraged to personally explore what it means to be involved in services and mission activities that go beyond themselves to impact the lives of others.

With an emphasis on listening and learning, Year 7 students develop in their relationship building skills as they interact with new students and staff members.

Year 7 activities

Students commencing at Temple Christian College in Year 7 have access to a number of special year level activities that make their commencement year extremely memorable. These include:

Orientation and Welcome to Temple Christian College events that provide both the student and their families’ with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the school and meet and mingle with other new students, families and staff.

Visits to WestCare provide students with a practical opportunity to outwork their learnings within Christian Living. 

Participation in the Blue CREST provides students with the opportunity to design and carry out their own open ended science investigation or technology report as part of the Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology Awards. Featured in the gallery below is a snapshot of some of the CREST projects from our Year 7 students.

All students participate in music classes for one full semester during which time they study the instruments of the Orchestra and basic music theory. All students then have the opportunity to outwork this knowledge by learning either the trumpet or the trombone.

End of year fun day, presentation and graduation. Students completing their Year 7 education at Temple Christian College have the opportunity to celebrate their official graduation through a number of special events held for them and their parents. This includes the all school presentation eventing that represents one of the most important land marks in the schools calendar.

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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