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Our Co-Curricular Activites

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

Temple Christian College has a very vibrant range of co-curricular activities to offer students throughout the year. Our focus of giving students the opportunity to develop their God given gifts and talents sees a wide range of activities in which the students can choose to participate.


The co-curricular programme is very dynamic, changing as the interest and expertise of staff and students change. There has been a core of activities that the school has been involved in for a long time. Featured below is a snapshot of some of these co-curricular activities available:

Performing Arts
Temple has a very active music, drama and production program and has developed a strong community reputation for its excellence in performing arts. Each year, students across all year levels have the opportunities to get involved across a host of activities including:

  • Drama Productions
  • Dance Performances
  • Musical Productions
  • Musical groups – Vocal, Orchestral, String, Jazz, Worship

For students who wish to extend and showcase their learnings, Temple participates in a range of educational competitions and challenges at local, state and national levels including:

  • Debating
  • Chess
  • Pedal Prix
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Water Watch Program
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Future Problem Solving
  • CREST Creativity in Science & Technology
  • Australian Mathematics Enrichment for Young Australians
  • The Science and Engineering Challenge (SEC)

The Science & Engineering Challenge (SEC)
This is a nationwide STEM* outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle in partnership with communities, Rotary clubs, universities and sponsors. Through the SEC, students experience aspects of science and engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment.
All students participating within the 2019 program will be required to complete a Media Consent Form as featured below.

Click here to view the Science & Engineering Media Consent Form

Pedal Prix
This is a unique sport for Temple Christian College as it is run predominantly by parents and a few key teaching and support staff.

Pedal Prix is the riding of three-wheel recumbent trikes as members of a team, working together under race conditions. In 2023, the Temple Christian College teams will compete in a 6-hour race at Victoria Park, an 8-hour race at The Bend Motorsport Park, as well as the major race, a 24-hour event at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge in September which caps off our year of racing. This event alone attracts 30,000 people!

Riders attend regular training sessions to help build their confidence and knowledge in the trikes, as well as build fitness and team spirit. Riding a recumbent trike is a very different experience from normal trikes and involves becoming competent with changing gears as well as getting used to cycling in a recumbent position. It is a competitive team sport where members are focused on a common goal. All riders need to be self-motivated in their fitness training, as well as working together as a team in training and at races. We now have four excellent trikes that riders will use. Join the Pedal Prix Committee in 2023 – Opportunities for parents and staff. The Pedal Prix committee is responsible for organising the team and our trikes for races e.g. Management, Catering, Mechanics and Logistics.

A list and description of key roles that your particular skills may suit are listed within the information brochure available below. Please consider how you can help. 

Click here to view the Pedal Prix 2023 Committee Opportunity Brochure

School Life
The Temple Christian community is very focused on helping students develop their interpersonal communication skills and has created a host of activity-based opportunities encouraging interaction. These activities include:

  • Care Groups
  • Christian Living Classes
  • School Assembly & Celebration events
  • Student Service Council, Student Prefects and Leadership structure and opportunities
  • Special Events – Open Evenings, Orientation Day, Presentation Night
  • National Christian Student Leaders Conference - Canberra
  • Annual National United Youth Conference – Sydney

Educational/Cultural Trips
German Exchange - In December of each year, Temple Christian College offers a number of its future Year 11 German students the opportunity to spend approximately 8 weeks in Germany to further their language skills and experience the lifestyle of Germany as offered through exchange families. In Term 1 of each new year, Temple Christian College welcomes 2 German Exchange Students into host families and at the school.

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