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Old Scholars

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Old Scholars - Please remember to update your details at the bottom of the page and join Temple Christian College Living Stones on facebook.

The name ‘Living Stones’  is taken from 1 Peter 2.5 ‘for you are living stones being built up together into a spiritual house…’. This verse is one of the key foundation scriptures underpinning the life of Temple Christian College from its inception.
The name is in honour of those who prayed and waited on God for the vision and mandate of the School even before the School had a name. The name is in honour of all those associated with the School – past, present and future – who believe in and embrace community.
As the Scripture suggests Living Stones is a work in progress. We, as a community, are continually being built up as a holy habitation for God and our numbers are growing daily.

Living Stones continues to recognize the value and contribution made by each person beyond the classroom and well after school days are over. It is a community group that welcomes not only former students but also staff, parents, friends and current students.

It is the aim of the School, through Living Stones, to continue to develop relationship with our Old Scholars providing avenues for Old Scholars to share their life experiences and wisdom with today’s students as opportunities arise.


CLASS REUNIONS: Class Reunions are for a cohort. For example, the ‘Class of 2012’ is the Year 12 Graduating Class. This cohort commenced as Year 8’s in 2008. Members of this group may have commenced in 2008 but finished in Year 11 in 2011 or commenced in 2008 but finished in Year 10 in 2010 – they are still a member of the ‘Class of 2012’. 

ALL YEARS REUNIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS: such events will surround a particular occasion for example, the 25th Anniversary Dinner at AAMI Stadium (2008) and the BBQ at Bonython Park (2006).

OPEN EVENTS: Some events are open occasions and we extend an invitation to all who have an association with and/or are supporters of the school.

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