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Mission Possible

Mission Possible 2018

Every Christian has an individual and corporate responsibility under God to reach the lost, love the unlovable and touch the untouchable.

Temple Christian College has been blessed by God from its inception with a strong Biblical basis for its existence.

A core platform of our vision for Christian Education is for the students to know God and then serve Him. Therefore an outcome of the process of education in God, is the enabling and development of skills and talents in the students in order that they have a biblical world view, are articulate, intelligent orators of God's word, to be generous givers and serve Him and others as He leads and guides them to fulfil the plan he has for their lives. To promote this, Temple Christian College mission calling is to help establish schools in third world countries and the sending out of students on short term mission trips. It is also our desire to financially support through fund raising and giving to the many projects that the school is involved in.

Below is the brochure for 2017, detailing the Mission trips, Commuity Outreaches and Fundraising that our students and staff have been involove with raising in excess of $58,400 in 2017 for Missions Projects.

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