Paralowie Campus

Parents and Friends

One of the most significant features of being a member of the Temple Christian College family is the sense of warm welcome and instant belonging that is to be found in this community. Our Parents and Friends are an integral support to the work of the school as we educate our students, your children, to be a people of influence in our Nation.

Mr Rod Klimionok
Campus Principal
Temple Christian College

A vibrant school community is important to us. Being involved in the Parents and Friends group not only gives us the opportunity to be actively engaged in supporting events and initiatives, but provides a wonderful avenue through which to get to know and work alongside other parents. Together we make a difference in the life of the School.

Cassie Moultrie
Chairperson of Paralowie Campus

Mel Bubner

Deputy Chairperson



Parents and Friends like to take the opportunity to serve the school in a range of areas. Some of these include;

  • Manning sausage sizzles at Open Evening, Swimming Carnival and Presentation Night.
  • Manning Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas stalls.

Funds raised from these events go toward projects which benefit the students. Recent fundraising efforts have provided a weather proof shelter over the bike rack and a refridgerated water cooler for student use. Parents and Friends also fund the breakfast club program, which provides breakfast free of charge to a large number of students every morning. All students are welcome.

Meeting times are every 3rd and 7th Tuesday of each term. 7pm in the staff room.